First year report to ARTES

When 1 year full-time studies has been carried out within the project a report must be deliverd to ARTES board. ARTES will remind you a month in advance. The report should be at most 3 pages with the following information.

1) A comparison between project plan and results including updates or changes in research direction.
Any issue that you feel is important for ARTES to know.
See evaluation criteria in project instructions for ideas.
2) A list of publications from the project.
3) A statement from the associated industries on
a) the students role in development of and industrial application or product.
b) the associated industries role in the project and in the education.

Furthermore the project should be prepared to present its results to ARTES network on graduate student days or summerschool or by giving seminars at different ARTES nodes.

As a response to your report you will receive

  1. A statement from ARTES board within six weeks.
  2. Possibility to get the reminding 20% of the funding, in case the report is approved.

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