Predictable Parallel Protocol Processing
Project no: P2
Per Gunningberg and Mats Björkman
Uppsala University, Informationtechnology
Application as pdf, ps, updated project plan 2000-09-28 as pdf, ps.
Support: 2 PhD students for 2 years decided 98-06-03, new decision 2000-06-16.
Start: 2000-06-01 with Thiemo Voigt as PhD student.
Reports: First year report 2001-05-22, support letter from Ericsson Utvecklings AB

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With the rapid growth of networking and networked applications, the demands put on the communication subsystem have increased tremendously the past years and will continue to increase. Since the communication performance bottleneck in today's high-speed networks most often is found in the nodes rather than in the physical links themselves, methods that better utilize the available systems are needed. We foresee a growing number of SMP platforms both as end-node clients and as network servers. Many servers will handle distributed real-time applications such as video-on-demand, distributed multi-player games and video conferences. Communication subsystem resource management must therefore be able to meet QoS demands. Hence, there is a need for methods and tools for effcient implementation of communication protocols and resource management on SMP systems. The proposed work will be divided into two subtasks, one on network interfaces and one on real-time support for communication.




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