Real-time Mobile Communication
Project no: 9905-8
Per-Arne Wiberg and Bertil Svensson
Halmstad University, Sektionen för Informationsvetenskap, Data- och Elektroteknik, CC-lab
Application, support letter 1 from HMS Fieldbus Systems AB, support letter 2 from Innovation Team AB.
Comments by evaluator 1, evaluator 2, ARTES board.
Support: 2 PhD student for 2 years decided 99-06-04.
Start 2000-01-01 with Urban Bilstrup and Elisabeth Uhleman as PhD students
First-year-report August 2001.

Industry contacts

Staffan Dahlström
HMS Fieldbus Systems AB
Project 1: Real-time Mobile Communication
Project 2: Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications
Jörgen Sjöholm
Innovation Team AB
Project: Real-time Mobile Communication


In this application we propose research in a quit new field - wireless real-time communication. It is true that mobile communication based on radio signals is a vast research field. It is also true that this research is nearly always focused on average behaviour, throughput, and bandwidth utilisation. We foresee a wider use of wireless communication based on radio frequency (RF) signals in industry and transportation. This, however, calls for research efforts leading to new coding/decoding techniques and, protocols for time critical traffic. In this project we intend to address three research topics:

  • New coding and decoding techniques making wireless communication available for time and safety critical applications
  • New network topologies for wireless real-time networks leading to enhanced performance and new applications.
  • Investigating the suitability of existing standards especially ”Bluetooth” for real-time wireless communication.




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