Categorized and Specialized Caching for SMPs
Project no: 9905-2
Erik Hagersten
Uppsala University, Informationtechnology
Application, support letter from Ericsson Utvecklings AB
Comments by evaluator 3, evaluator 4, ARTES board.
Complement to application.
Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 99-08-26.

Industry contact

Michael C Williams
Ericsson Utvecklings AB
Open System Platforms
Project: Categorized and Specialized Cashing for SMPs


We propose a project within PAMP that aims at improved SMP cache behavior, especially for applications with large data sets in combination with real-time requirements. The focus of the Uppsala work will be on support for data with different behavior and requirements. We will develop algorithms that dynamically classifies data of different categories and configures the hardware to customize the treatment of each category. Especially, we will focus on support for requirements found in concurrent systems with a combination of a large data set and real-time requirement, such as the control processor found in telephony and/or process controll applications.



The industrial partner is Ericsson Utvecklings AB and the contact people are Per Holmberg and Mike Williams. This proposal has been formulated in close collaboration with Per Holmberg, processor architect at Ericsson Utvecklings AB.


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