Embedded Databases for Embedded Real-Time Systems
Project no: 0005-23
Jörgen Hansson1, Christer Norström2
1 Linköping University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Real-Time Systems Lab (RTSLAB), 2Mälardalen University, Computer Engineering Department, MRTC
Application, support letter 1 from Datex-Ohmeda, support letter 2 from Sysdeco Mimer AB and support letter 3 from Volvo Construction Equipment Components AB
Comments by evaluators.
Support: 2 PhD students for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
Start: 2000-11-01 with Dag Nyström as PhD student in Västerås and Aleksandra Tesanovic as PhD student in Linköping.
Reports: First-year-report jan 2002, Second-year-report, april 2003
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Mårten Larsson
Datex-Ohmeda AB
Project 1: TATOO Test And Testability Of Distributed Real-time Systems
Project 2: RATAD, Reliability And Timing Analysis of Distributed systems
Bengt Gunne,
Sysdeco Mimer AB
Project 1: Embedded Databases for Embedded Real-Time Systems
Nils-Erik Bånkestad
Volvo Construction Equipments Components AB
Dept. TUE
Project 1: Incremental Iterative Static Scheduling
Project 2: TATOO-Test and testability of distributed real-time systems
Project 3: Embedded Databases for Embedded Real-Time Systems


The need for embedding database functionality into applications is increasing. This is partcilarly true for embedded systems, e.g. Internet appliances, control systems, smart cards and mobile computers. The goal of this research is to bridge the gap between embedded systems, real-time systems and database systems, with a particular focus on the software development tools. Significant amount of research has focused on how to incorporate database functionality into real-time systems without jeopardizing timeliness and how to incorporate real-time behavior into embedded systems . However, research for embedded databases used in embedded real-time systems, that explicitly address (i) the development and design process, and (ii) the limited amount of resources in embedded systems is sparse. This type of research inherits the challenges from component-based software engineering, embedded systems and real-time systems. Further, this research explicitly addresses system resource demand for the system in the design of the embedded database in order to minimize system resource usage. In this context, we want to provide an embedded database system that is tailored such that it provides applications with necessary functionality, but requires a minimum of memory footprint, and is highly integrated with the embedded runtime system.




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