Real-Time Responce and Control of Autonomous Agents
Project no: 0005-22
Nancy Reed
Linköping University, Department of Computer and Information Science, Real-Time Systems Lab (RTSLAB)
Application, support letter from SAAB AB
Comments by evaluators.
Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
Start: 2000-09-01 with Paul Scerri as PhD student.
Reports: First year report 01-07-31.
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Peter Ohlander,
Saab AB
Project : Real-Time Responce and Control of Autonomous Agents


Autonomous agents are systems that are embedded in an environment with sensors for obtaining data and effectors for performing actions. Agents are pro-active in that they have some purpose in their environment. Agents have recently been applied in a wide variety of domains, including economic markets, Intenetr searching, disaster management, and defence applications. Agents are ideal for development, testing and traingin applications because they do not tire as people do and they can be easily replicated to work in many different locations simultaneoulsy. Because of the embedded nature of autonomous agents, they must make intelligent decisions on their next action in real-time.

We are invetigating solutions to the problems of real-time responce and control of autonomous agents.




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