Extension of Project “Flexible Reliable Timing Constraints”
Project no: 0005-20
Gerhard Fohler
Mälardalen University, Computer Engineering Department, MRTC
Application, support letter 1 from Rolls-Royce, support letter 2 from TTTech and support letter 3 from Krithi Ramamritham
Comments by evaluators.
Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
Start: 2000-09-01 with Radu Dobrin as PhD student.

Academic contact

Krithi Ramamritham

Industry contacts

Lars Magnusson
Mecel AB
Project 1: A tool environment for the development of embedded systems
Project 2: Identification of Complexity-Reduction Techniques for Optimal Scheduling in Embedded Distributed Real-Time Systems
Project 3: Hierarchical Design and Analysis of Timed Systems
Project 4: Flexible reliable timing constraints
Project 5: RATAD, Reliability And Timing Analysis of Distributed systems
Project 6: Extension of Project “Flexible Reliable Timing Constraints”
Mike Bardill
Derby, UK
Project : Extension of Project “Flexible Reliable Timing Constraints”
Stefan Poledna,
TTTech Computertechnik GmbH
Vienna, Austria
Project : Extension of Project “Flexible Reliable Timing Constraints”


The project “Flexible Reliable Timing Constrains” has been approved by ARTES and started in February 2000.

The project has attracted additional industrial interest: Rolls Royce, UK, aircraft engines, is interested in the capability of the proposed reliable timing constraints to maintain design information over product cycles and versions for continuity and safety. In addition, the company has pointed out that part of the project is relevant for the design of aeronautic applications. The transformation techniques of reliable timing constraints into a variety of scheduling constraints, seem well suited to address a number of issues.

TTTech, Austria, is interested in the aspects of maintaining flexibility in the specification, even if the resulting system has to be constructed inflexible and strict, as aimed for with flexible timing constraints.




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