Pre-Implementation Analysis of Distributed Control Systems - PICADOR
Project no: 0005-18
Martin Törngren, Ola Redell and Jan Wikander
Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Machine Design, Division of Mechatronics (DAMEK)
Application and support letter from SAAB Automobile AB
Comments by evaluators.
Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
Start: 2000-09-01 with Ola Redell as PhD student.
Reports: First-year-report 2001-07-16

Industry contact

Kenneth Lind
SAAB Automobile AB
Project 1: Functional Integration and Interference in Embedded Control Systems
Project 2: Pre-Implementation Analysis of Distributed Control Systems - PICADOR


The Picador project focuses on analysis of implementation effects of distributed control systems. One goal has been to develop an analysis method for distributed real-time systems and connecting it to the analysis of control system performance. The analysis method is to give tight estimations of timing performance important for the control behaviour, including response times and jitter (variations) in the release and response periods. Another goal is to provide a tool-set for evaluation of control system performance, connecting the analysis method to a control simulation environment in which control related effects can (and are normally) studied by control engineers.


The development of the first close-to-complete version of the AIDA tool-set is to be finished by the end of July 2001.


We have established an industrial reference group for the projects Picador and AIDA including representatives of the companies Volvo Wheel Loaders, Bombardier Transportation, Arcticus Systems, Saab and Combitech.


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