Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications
Project no: 0005-16
Magnus Jonsson and Bertil Svensson
Halmstad University, Sektionen för Informationsvetenskap, Data- och Elektroteknik, CC-lab
Application and support letters from Ericsson Microwave Systems AB and HMS Fieldbus Systems AB
Comments by evaluators.
Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
Start: 2001-02-13 with Hoai Hoang as PhD student.
Reports: Hoai Hoang 2001, Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications (presented at ARTES Graduate Student Conference 2001)

Industry contact

Torbjörn Wolfram
Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Divisionen för Flygradar
Project: Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications
Staffan Dahlström
HMS Fieldbus Systems AB
Project 1: Real-time Mobile Communication
Project 2: Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications


An important trend in the networking community is to involve more switches in the networks (e.g., LAN, Local Area Networks) and pure switched-based networks becomes more and more common. At the same time, the industrial communication community has a strong will to adapt LAN technology (e.g. Ethernet) for use in industrial systems. The involvement of switches does not only increase the performance; the possibility to offer real-time services is also improved. Now when the cost of LAN switches has reached the level where pure switched-based networks have become affordable, the collision possibility in IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) networks can be eliminated and methods to support real-time services can be implemented in the switches without changing the underlying wide-spread protocol standard. This project aims to provide such methods with the focus on industrial applications.




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  2. H. Hoang, M. Jonsson, A. Larsson, R. Olsson and C. Bergenhem, Deadline first scheduling in switched real-time Ethernet - deadline partitioning issues and software implementation experiments. Proceeding of the 2002 Intl. Workshop on Real-Time LANs in the Internat Age. pp 69-71, Vienna Austria, June 2002.

  3. Hoang, H. Switched Real-Time Ethernet for Industrial Applications. Licenciate Thesis, Technical Report No. 20L, Dept. of Computer Engineering. Chalmers University of Technology. 2003.

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