TATOO Test And Testability Of Distributed Real-time Systems
Project no: 0005-07
Henrik Thane and Hans Hansson
Mälardalen University, Computer Engineering Department, MRTC
Application, history and support letter from Datex-Ohmeda AB.
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Support: 1 PhD student for 2 years decided 00-06-16.
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Industry contact

Mårten Larsson
Datex-Ohmeda AB
Project 1: TATOO Test And Testability Of Distributed Real-time Systems
Project 2: RATAD, Reliability And Timing Analysis of Distributed systems


The project deals with fundamentals for deterministic testing of distributed real-time systems (DRTS), as well as methods for deterministic debugging and monitoring of DRTS. Theoretical and practical results with regard to testing and debugging of DRTS were next to nonexistent before the start of the project, and research was therefore deemed significant to both academia and Industry.

During the first 19 months of the project (since October 1 st 1998) we have developed: Methods for achieving deterministic testing of DRTS, methods for deterministic debugging and methods for deterministic monitoring of DRTS. We have also produced tools that implement the results and developed supporting infrastructure. The results have been reported in a number of publications (see ARTES project A7-9805) and one Ph.D. thesis.

As the initial results of the project have shown the potential of producing novel results in this unexplored area, we therefore now further penetrate the area and refine the initial results.




  1. Henrik Thane. Monitoring, Testing and Debugging of Distributed Real-Time Systems. Stockholm 2000 Doctoral Thesis, Mechatronics Laboratory, Department of Machine Design, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. ISSN 1400-1179. ISRN KTH/MMK/R--97/17-SE. MRTC Report 00/15.
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