ARTES was a national Swedish strategic research initiative in Real-Time Systems supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). ARTES formed a network of academic and industrial groups, which strengthed the Real-Time Systems competence nationwide. The main focus of ARTES was on graduate education and cooperation between industry and academia. ARTES was organised as a research program at Uppsala University.

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report cover

ARTES Final Report 1997-2007

July 4, 2008
This report summarizes the results of ARTES and ARTES++ graduate school.
89 pages + appendices.

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ARTES - A network for Real-Time research and graduate Education in Sweden 1997 - 2006

Editor: Hans Hansson
This book summarizes the results of ARTES, and provides a few examples of the scientific results that have emerged from ARTES.
830 pages.

Uppsala University Address
Box 337
SE-751 05 Uppsala
Former directors:
Roland Grönroos
Hans Hansson
Paul Pettersson

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