International visits


Marcus Brohede
report from a visit to University of Virginia, VA, USA
Gunnar Mathiason
reports from at stay at the Department of Computer Science at University of Virginia spring-summer 2007.
Olga Grinchtein
Travel report from Institute for Informatik, Technical University, Munich. Dec 2005
Annmarie Ericsson
Travel report from UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, Australia Oct-Nov 2005
Anders Möller
Travel report from Monash University Melbourne, Australia
Pavel Krcal
Travel report from National University of Singapore 2005
Dan Henriksson
Travel report from University of Virginia 2003
Björn Andersson
Travel report: University of Virginia 2002
Martin Sanfridson
Report from ReTiS lab in Pisa Italy 2002.
Anton Cervin
Report from International Visit in Berkeley and Illinois, USA 2001
Paul Scerri
at Information Science Institute, Univ. of Southern California, USA from Spring to Fall 2000.
The report describes "Adjustable Autonomy decision making"
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