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A Real-time graduate student is a PhD or licenciate student at a Swedish university which has applied to and been accepted by ARTES. The thesis subject of a Real-time graduate student is typically computer science, computer engineering, computer systems, industrial control systems, mechatronics, or automatic control and the thesis topic has been assessed by ARTES to have a strong connection to the real-time area. It is also expected that a Real-time graduate students shall be well motivated to work in cooperation with industry during the education and have an ambition to work in industry after the education.


An Real-time graduate student have the possibility to be financially supported by ARTES by for travel and other purposes. He or she also have priority admittance to ARTES-courses and other common activities within ARTES. Thirdly, by being a Real-time graduate student, special supervision support can be arranged in an interdiciplinary way using the ARTES network. The ARTES network will also give excellent opportunities for personal contacts with representatives from industry, possibly leading to concrete cooperations and employment after graduation. After completion of the licenciate or PhD exam, the ARTES network will give excellent opportunities for personal contacts and employment.


An Real-time graduate student is expected to participate in common activities for dissemination and exploitation of research results. He or she should contribute generally to ARTES activities, e.g. by making reports available in www and by actively participating in ARTES events. It is also important that presentations of the research results give the appropriate visibility for and to the real-time community and ARTES.


Acceptance to be an Real-time graduate student is only possible if the candidate already has been admitted to a local licenciate or PhD programme at a swedish university. Applications to and possible exclusions from being a Real-time graduate student within ARTES are handled by the ARTES programme director.

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