ARTES Summerschool
August 20-24, 2001

Real-Time in Sweden 2001

Supplemental material after the summerschool

Invitation, Registration, Schedule, RTiS 2001
Tävling ARTES i populärvetenskaplig press

Limmerik, poem contest.
Rule: Every Real-Time Graduate student has to write a limerick or poem about ARTES to be presented at the summerschool. It may be written in any language.
What is a limerick in Dictionary and SAOB

Time: August 20-24, 2000.
Place: Halmstad University
During the summerschool Monday, Thursday and Friday is the room HALDASALEN used.
During Tuesday and Wednesday at RTiS is the room VISIONEN used.
Accomodation: Quality Eurostop Hotel (E6/väg 117) phone 035-183500 About Halmstad: Tourist information

For travel to Halmstad by air see Halmstad airport or train check timetables.

Phone to Taxi: Taxi Halmstad, 035 - 21 80 00; Cab, 035 - 10 91 09; Flygtaxi, 035 - 15 80 72.

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