Graduate Student Conference 2002

in Uppsala
April 18-19 2002

Thursday April 18Friday April 19
  09.00Scheduling and control
Paul Pop
Dan Henriksson
Anton Cervin
09.45Fika at Cafe Alma10.00Fika at Cafe Alma
10.15 Making Real-Time Tasks Temporally Predictable
Prof. Peter Puschner
10.15 QoS Management in Real-Time Data Services
Prof. Sang Hyuk Son
11.00Components and System Engineering
Alexandra Tesanovic
Andreas Sjögren
Rikard Land
11.00Testing and Wait-free Quues
Yi Zhang
Robert Nilsson
Ola Redell
12.00Lunch at Cafe Alma12.00Lunch at Cafe Alma
Tobias Amnell
Elena Fersman
Alexandre David
13.00Disertation by Jakob Engblom in room 10134 in Ångströmlab
14.00Memory Management and Communication
Nguyen-Thai Nguyen-Phan
Sven Robertz
Elisabeth Uhlemann
15.00Fika at Cafe Alma 15.00Fika at Cafe Alma
Julien d'Orso
Sorin Manolache
Andreas Ermedahl
15.30Resource Handling
Mattias Weckstén
Thiemo Voigt
[Empty slot]
16.30 Winner of ARTES Patentprize
for a mechanism that are reducing energy consumption in cache-coherens-protocol in a chipmultiprocessor
Magnus Ekman
16.40Senseboard a new industrial application
Prof. Lars Asplund
Prof. Lars Asplund
18.00End Check in at Hotel  
19.00Dinner at Hambergs Fisk18 dkOptional dissertation party, contact and see the last point on this page.

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