Graduate Student Conference 2002

QoS Management in Real-Time Data Services

Prof. Sang Hyuk Son
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Virginia

Many real-time systems are now being used in safety-critical applications, in which human lives or expensive machinery may be at stake. Examples include aerospace and defense systems, industrial automation, traffic control, web-based information services, etc. The unpredictable demands from the operating environments of such systems often pose rigid requirements on their timely performance. These requirements are defined as real-time constraints on their temporal behavior. As real-time systems continue to evolve, their applications become more complex, and often require timely access to temporal data, possibly from sensor devices. This need for advanced data services in real-time applications poses intellectual and engineering challenges to researchers and practitioners. The trade-offs faced by the designers of real-time data services are different from those faced by the designers of general-purpose database systems.

In this talk, we first discuss characteristics of real-time systems and some of the research issues of real-time data services. We then present research work being performed at the University of Virginia, especially on supporting QoS in real-time data services.

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