Presentations at
ARTES Graduate Student Conference 2002

Name Title and Authors
Tobias Amnell
Times - A Tool for Modelling and Implementation of Embedded Systems.
Tobias Amnell, Elena Fersman, Leonid Mokrushin, Paul Pettersson, and Wang Yi.
Lars Asplund
Senceboard and RoboCup
Anton Cervin
A Computational Model for Real-Time Control Tasks
Anton Cervin and Johan Eker
Julien D'Orso
Regular Model Checking made Simple and Efficient
Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Bengt Jonsson, Marcus Nilsson and Julien d'Orso
Alexandre David
The Next generation of UPPAAL
Alexandre David and Wang Yi
Magnus Ekman
Andreas Ermedahl
Static Worst-Case Exeuction Time (WCET) Analysis
Andreas Ermedahl
Elena Fersman
Timed Automata with Asynchronous Processes: Schedulability and Decidability.
Elena Fersman, Paul Pettersson, and Wang Yi.
Dan Henriksson
Feedback Scheduling of Model Predictive Controllers
Dan Henriksson, Anton Cervin, Johan Åkesson, Karl-Erik Årzén
Rikard Land
Measurements of Software Maintainability
Rikard Land
Sorin Manolache
Performance Analysis of Multiprocessor Schedules of Tasks with Stochastic Execution Times
Sorin Manolache, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Nguyen-Thai Nguyen-Phan
Memory Utilization in Software DSM for Em-bedded Systems
Nguyen-Thai Nguyen-Phan and Mats Brorsson
Robert Nilsson
Towards a Framework for Automated Testing of Transaction-Based Real-Time Systems
Robert Nilsson, Sten F. Andler and Jonas Mellin
Paul Pop
Flexibility Driven Scheduling and Mapping for Distributed Real-Time Systems
Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Peter Puschner
Making Real-Time Tasks Temporally Predictable
Peter Puschner
Ola Redell
Exact Best-Case Response Time Analysis of Fixed Priority Scheduled Tasks
Ola Redell and Martin Sanfridson
Sven Robertz
Applying Priorities to Memory Allocation
Sven Robertz
Andreas Sjögren
Contract Specifications of Software Components
Andreas Sjögren
Sang Hyuk Son
QoS Management in Real-Time Data Services
Sang Hyuk Son
Aleksandra Tesanovic
COMET: a COMponent-based Embedded real-Time database
Aleksandra Tesanovic, Dag Nyström, Jörgen Hansson and Christer Norström
Elisabeth Uhlemann
Deadline Dependent Coding with Concatenated Hybrid ARQ Schemes for Wireless Real-Time Communication
Elisabeth Uhlemann, Tor M. Aulin, Lars K. Rasmussen, and Per-Arne Wiberg
Thiemo Voigt
Resource-based Web Server Overload Protection
Thiemo Voigt and Per Gunningberg
Mattias Wecksten
The Potential of Resource Budgets in Complex Real-Time System Design
Mattias Weckstén and Jonas Vasell
Zhang Yi
Efficient and Simple Implementations of the Wait-Free Queue Classes of the Real-Time Specification for Java
Philippas Tsigas and Yi Zhang

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