Graduate Student Conference 2002

Making Real-Time Tasks Temporally Predictable

Prof. Peter Puschner
Technische Universitaet Wien
Real-Time Systems Group

This talk introduces a new programming paradigm for writing hard real-time code: single-path programming. Every program following this paradigm has only a single possible execution path. The execution time of single-path code is constant and therefore fully predictable. We explain the software and hardware architectures used in single-path programming and show that the single-path paradigm provides a universal solution towards writing temporally predictable code -- every piece of code that has a boundable execution time can be transformed into single-path code.

Peter Puschner is a professor in computer science at Vienna University of Technology. His main research focus is on worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis for real-time programs. Puschner has been working on WCET analysis for more than ten years and has strongly influenced the state of the art in this field. He has published numerous papers on WCET analysis and was a guest editor for the special issue on WCET analysis of the Kluwer International Journal on Real-Time Systems. Further interests of Peter Puschner include real-time programming languages and hardware/software architectures for real-time systems.

Invitation, Schedule, Presentations, Proceeding (6.5 MB)

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