Graduate Student Conference 2002

in Uppsala
April 18-19 2002

Invitation, Schedule, Presentations, Proceeding (6.5 MB)


The conference is a forum for discussion of real-time research in Sweden where ARTES Real-Time Graduate students are given the opportunity to present and discuss their work.

Uppsala University
Room IV

Start at 10.00 on Thursday April 18
End at about 16.20 on Friday April 19.

The participating graduate students are encouraged to give a 15-20 min presentation (including discussions) based on a position statement/extended abstract/paper.

A session with the new industrial application Senseboard and with Robocup, as well as presentation by Prof. Peter Pushner , Prof. Sang Hyuk Son and a dissertation by Jakob Engblom is planned.

Send final submissions of position statement/extended abstract/paper (max 15 pages; no specific formatting requirements) via e-mail in postscript or pdf format to no later than April 2, 2002. Copies of the submitted material will be distributed at the conference and on this web page, but no formal publication will be made. [The submissions do not need to be original, but should be of general interest and related to to the ARTES/PAMP profiles.]

Conference fee
For ARTES Real-Time Graduate students there will be no conference fee and ARTES will cover the costs for one night at First Hotell Linné, ARTES has reserved rooms.

Graduate students involved in Real-Time research may apply to become ARTES Real-Time Graduate students now.

Senior researchers, industrial engineers and others are welcome to attend at a cost prize of 1000 SEK. ARTES can send an invoice.

ARTES has reserved rooms at
First Hotell Linné
Skolgatan 45,
Phone: 018 - 10 20 00, Fax: 018 - 13 75 97, E-mail:

Please indicate your intention to participate in ARTES Graduate Student Conference 2002 and if you need accommodation and dinner via e-mail to, no later than March 15. Clearly state if you are RT-graduate student and/or planning to submit a paper.

Registration deadline was March 15, 2002.

Roland Grönroos and Hans Hansson

Web pages from previous ARTES Graduate Student Conferences: 2001 at Lunds tekniska högskola, 2000 at Chalmers, 1999 at Mälardalens högskola.

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