Presentations at
ARTES Graduate Student Conference 2001

Name Title and Authors
Lars Albertsson
Simulation-Based Debugging and Profiling of Soft Real-Time Applications
Lars Albertsson
Björn Andersson
Fixed-Priority Preemptive Multiprocessor Scheduling: To Partition or not to Partition
Björn Andersson and Jan Jonsson
Carl Bergenhem
Fibre-Ribbon Pipeline Ring Network with Distributed Global Deadline Scheduling
Carl Bergenhem, Magnus Jonsson, and Jörgen Olsson
Anton Cervin
Analyzing the Effects of Missed Deadlines in Control Systems
Anton Cervin
Fredrik Dahlgren
Future Mobile Phones - Design Challenges from a Real-Time System’s Perspective
Fredrik Dahlgren
Cecilia Ekelin
Solving Embedded System Scheduling Problems using Constraint Programming
Cecilia Ekelin and Jan Jonsson
Jad El-khoury
AIDA II Progress Report Towards a Co-simulation Environment for Computer Control Systems
Jad El-khoury
Petter Ericson
CTechnologies & Anoto: An Embedded System Case Study
Petter Ericson
Flavius Gruian
On Energy Reduction in Hard Real-Time Systems with Dynamic Voltage Supply Processors
Flavius Gruian
Sanny Gustavsson
On recovery and consistency preservation in distributed real-time database systems
Sanny Gustavsson, Sten F. Andler
Hoai Hoang
Switched Real-Time Communication for Industrial Applications
Hoai Hoang
Birgitta Lindström
Methods for Increasing Software Testability
Birgitta Lindström, Jonas Mellin, and Sten Andler
Sorin Manolache
Memory and Time-Efficient Schedulability Analysis of Task Sets with Stochastic Execution Time
Sorin Manolache, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng.
Anders Nilsson
Deterministic Java in Tiny Embedded Systems
Anders Nilsson and Torbjörn Ekman
Robert Nilsson
Test Case Generation for Testing of Timeliness
Robert Nilsson, Sten F. Andler and Jonas Mellin
Thomas Nolte
Modeling and Analysis of Message-Queues in Multi-Tasking Systems
Thomas Nolte
Anders Pettersson
Minimization of Execution Scenarios in Static Priority Preemptive Scheduled Real-Time systems
Anders Pettersson
Paul Pop
Minimizing System Modification in an Incremental Design Approach
Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Traian Pop, Zebo Peng
Paul Scerri
Designing Agents for Systems with Adjustable Autonomy
Paul Scerri and Nancy Reed
Per Håkan Sundell
Applications of lock and wait-free shared data structures to real-time systems
Håkan Sundell
Zhang Yi
Non-blocking synchronization for soft realtime applications.
Zhang Yi

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