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”ARTES and your research in popular scientific press”

The winners of the Competition

First prize winner:

Jakob Engblom
“A turtle as a model för computer science researchers”

The Jury:

”Nice and direct approach. Excellent that the meaning of real-time systems is being explained. Well functioning pedagogics. Even here the article would have benefited from some extension of the text”

”The article wakes up one’s interest. The ingress summarizes the main question of the article in a concrete and understandable way. The similarities with Aisopos fable about a turtle and a hare illustrate the problem in a humoristic and pedagogical way. The article provides a basic picture of embedded computer systems and real-time systems. It is written in a good and captivating language making the content available for readers who are not familiar with these types of questions.”

“Furthermore, the article is well composed with a clear message making it easy to read. It makes the reader want to read until the end where the author connects the composition through returning to the metaphor”.

“An easy to read, well written article about a complicated research area.”

Second prize winner:

Andreas Ermedahl
”Longer running time with energy efficient computer programs”

The Jury:

A well-written and well composed article which in an understandable way describes and explains the challenges. The author manages to raise the interest for the discipline – energy consumption in computer programs.”

”New area. Still unresearched. Wish to hear more about the results.”

Third prize winner – a shared third prize;

Per Johannessen
”Sirius – En ny bil på väg”

The Jury:

”Solid work, theory and practice in excellent collaboration, new interesting research area, don’t know if I have seen anything like this in my 25 years as a lecturer, assistant professor, corporate leader.”

“A new car on the way” uses excellent language and the subject gets your attention, has high publication value. The text would have benefited if it was expanded. How did the test drive go, what type of problems with test drive, what type of problems were you facing and how were these problems solved.”

Third prize winner – shared third prize;

Robert Nilsson och Sten Andler
”Testing in the name of cracyness”

“The article is interesting, the text well formulated and written with a twinkle in one’s eye – and done through joy of telling. It points at well-known problems but it is not known how researchers fight in order get to the core of the problems. Some additional concrete examples at the end would have raised the value for the reader.”

”The article has a light and humouristic approach which tempts to reading. Even though this approach is left behind as we get further into the text, the author describes the problem in a simple and understandable way.”

Word of honour:

Jakob Engblom och Andreas Ermedahl
”One millisecond too late is too late”

“The text catches ones curiosity. But not only that, the content is thorough. As a reader of popular scientific materials one gets to go, at just about the right level, into the depth of the subject. The subject seems relevant for research work and has a strong connection to every day life. The article is well built with well-functioning explanations.”

“A well put-together article which wakes ones interest for a key question within computer science research.”

Congratulations to all the winners !

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