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Competence Test II
”ARTES and your research in popular scientific press”

The winners of the Competition


Go for it!

Best ARTES colleague,
Well, your time has come!! Our knowledge base in reference to writing in a popular scientific manner has drastically increased after the tour to the jungle of popular scientific presentation techniques – we all remember Benny Kullinger’s advise and tips at the ARTES Summer School in Halmstad.

We are now heading for phase II in the popular scientific writing era and are hereby announcing a new competition in how to present your research in a popular scientific form. There is some help for you to get started. On one hand, the advise provided to us during the summer school – this is available on the ARTES website - on the other hand the article written by Sanny Gustavsson at the University of Skövde with which he took home the first price in the first competition. This article has since then been rewamped to a pressrelease and to a format that pressreleases normally have when they are being sent to the press.

So, here some basics:
• First a shorter version, with a tempting title
• An exciting ingress
• An eye-catching picture and interesting text to the picture
• Short text, however, tempting the reader/journalist to go for further reading

These four points should be part of the first page.

• This may then be completed with an approx. 1 page (max. 1 _ page) more detailed description of the project

First prize: 20 000:- Skr
Second prize: 10 000 Skr
Third prize: 5 000:-

The competition is open for all ARTES real-time students - advisors and/or other persons are invited to be co-writers.

A jury will be selected by ARTES.

Ph.D. students can apply to become real-time Ph.D. students – more information is available on:

Deadline: January 20, 2002

Please send you contributions to: and a copy to:

Many competition greetings,

Anita Andler
ARTES Industry Ambassador

  Strategic Research