Storage Systems for Embedded Systems

Lecturer: Professor Sang Lyul Min
          Seoul National University and Samsung Electronics

# of credits: 3p

Dates: April 25 (Mon), April 26 (Tue), and May 27 (Fri), 2005
Place: MIC, Uppsala University

Course Summary: 
This course is intended for both graduate students and industrial
participants who are interested in embedded systems in general and in
integrating a portable storage system into their embedded systems in
particular. The course provides both basics and state of the art
overview of current practices of portable storage systems including
Flash memory drive and microdrive. The students are expected to carry
out a project as a team of 2~3 students that implements the software
part of a Flash memory drive on a emulated hardware platform starting
from a basic implementation that will be provided in C source
code. The detailed schedule is given below.

Workshop 1

Date, time, and location (tentative): 10 - 17, April 25 (Mon), 2005,
room 1113 (10-12) and 1111 (13-17), MIC, Uppsala University.

Preliminary schedule

Total: 420min
30min introduction (Sang Lyul Min)
150min student presentation on their current research
   (~15min for each student)
240min lecture (Sang Lyul Min)
  Topics to be covered:
    - Portable storage overview
    - FTL (Flash Translation Layer) 
    - Project background materials
        - Vanilla FTL
        - Development environment
        - Testing environment

Workshop 2

Date, time, and location (tentative): 9 - 17, April 26 (Tue), 2005,
room 6003, MIC, Uppsala University

Preliminary schedule

Total: 420min
100min student project proposal presentations
    (~20min for each team consisting of 2~3 students)
120min lecture (Sang Lyul Min)
  Topics to be covered
    - Internals of NAND and NOR Flash memory chips
    - Interfacing NAND and NOR Flash memories for embedded systems
    - NAND Flash memory controller architecture
200min student presentations and discussions on
    - Power consumption characterization of portable storage systems
    - Distributed storage system
    - Advanced FTL
    - More on microdrive
    - Aging issues for portable storage systems

Workshop 3

Date, time, and location (tentative): 10 - 17, May 27 (Fri), 2005,
room 1213, MIC, Uppsala University.

Preliminary schedule

50min lecture (Sang Lyul Min)
   - Performance evaluation methodology for portable storage systems
150min student project final presentations (~30min for each team)
180min student presentations and discussions on
   - Advanced Flash memory chip architecture
        o SuperNAND
        o ONENAND
        o MLC NAND
    - Hybrid HDD
    - File System on a Chip (FSOC)
    - Database system for embedded systems
40min Conclusion of course (Sang Lyul Min) and course evaluation
(Discussions with beers afterwards)


The course will be given at the MIC area at Uppsala University Maps and directions are available here.

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